Today I said goodbye to my grandma’s house. It was very special to me. For the first 23 years of my life I spent every Christmas afternoon there. Family reunions were spent there, Thanksgivings, I remember seeing my first scary movie with Nana (Pet Cemetery!), I stomped on groundhog holes, climbed the brick fence, searched for the old maid’s button under the carpet, and so much more. She passed away in June and it was very very hard. Luckily I did make it to the hospital in time to say goodbye (after getting pulled over for speeding), and I’ll always be happy about that. It was hard seeing her on her death bed, waiting to die, but… I’m glad I could comfort her in those last hours. She was a very very special lady to me.

Wiping tears away and moving on…

Nana was good to us. My mom got her beautiful dining room furniture which in turn meant I got my mom’s pie safe. I also got to bring home 5 dining room chairs, a dresser, chest of drawers, rocking chair, and 2 end tables.

And here is a PSA:
If this is what smoke does to furniture, imagine what it does to your lungs:


Here’s her house… Man I sure loved it.


And here’s a drawing someone did of her house:


I thought about bringing it back with me but didn’t know where I’d put it. I did love it, and seeing it made me cry. My aunt and mom had thought it would be nice for the future homeowners to have. I agree!

I’ll take pics of the rest of the furniture… I looked up techniques of removing nicotine stains on wood. Good old baking soda. And I got a gallon of vinegar. Wish me luck!!

I also went around the house and grabbed 5-6 skeleton keys! And an old picture of my grandma and grandpa on their wedding day!

Have you ever received awesome family heirlooms or furniture? It’s such an amazing feeling to know it’s going to stay in the family. I can’t even begin to think about everything the furniture has witnessed!