Deck the Halls!

I finished a project, people! I finished my Christmas wreath last night. Here was my inspiration:


I’ve never done any felt flowers but before deciding to take on this project I googled a few tutorials. A friend on Facebook said it was easy, I hoped she was write! She was! I followed the tutorial here and really was surprised at how easy it was! I couldn’t find any chevron burlap, and decided just to get a basic red and white stripe… Here’s how it turned out…






It probably won’t stay on the door. Chris likes having a live wreath from Home Depot because of the smell. I can’t argue with that… Walking in the door, first thing you smell? Yeah, I don’t mind that. So I’m probably going to put this one on our mirror in the living room, hung with some white grosgrain ribbon. That’s my plan right now at least!

What are you going to do for your holiday wreath? I’m not jumping the gun am I? I’m just excited about Christmas!! 🙂