Saturday… 6?

I guess it’s like the Friday 5 that lots of bloggers do, only I’m doing it a day late and added one on. I’m currently rocking Molly to sleep at 8:45am… She’s just off, not sure what’s wrong. But I usually can’t ever rock her at all! So the fact that she’s falling asleep in my arms definitely shows that something is up.

Here we go, 6 things I’m loving at the moment:

1. Audible. I pay $15/month and get to listen to books on an app in my car. I’ve listened to 4 books now and I love it. I think the only thing that would make this better is to be able to come in the house and be able to read where I left off… And WhisperSync for the kindle app allows it. Boo ya! Love it.

2. Amazon Prime. Love it. 20% off diapers and they arrive on my doorstep. And free shipping on most items. Is there anything better? Ok maybe there is… But this is a good one for a house that has 2 in diapers!

3. Rotisserie Chicken. It’s an easy, affordable, and healthy go to dinner in our house. All 4 of us can eat it (tho it’s debatable if the boy toddler will always choose to eat it…), and I love mixing it with a bag ceasar salad. YUM!!

4. BlogLovin. It’s the app I use to read all my blogs! And I’m embarrassed and will not admit how many there are on the list… 🙂

5. FitBit Flex. I got it for my birthday last weekend and I’m loving it! I love having an attainable goal of 5,000 steps to reach every day. I am still testing it out to see what my normal is and I think I’m going to start increasing a little every few days. I haven’t tried the silent alarm yet but I’m excited to try that out too!

6. GOMI. Omg I kind of love this site. It basically makes fun of bloggers. It’s hilarious. I really hate admitting to this one but it’s a guilty pleasure. People are HILARIOUS. And definitely a little mean… I would never contribute but I do find some humor in their posts. People get upset over the silliest things!!

Ok that’s it. Do you have a fav 5? Fab 5? Something like that that you wrote yesterday? Post a link in the comments so I can read it! 🙂


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