Yes, I’m alive

I’ve pretty much dropped off the blogging planet. No good reason except I’ve just been busy. I was sick with strep and bronchitis the week of Thanksgiving, my beautiful little girl turned one, and just the regular busies of working full time 45 minutes away from the house with two little ones.

So instead of continuing the hiatus, even though I have no real projects to update you on, I figured I would link up to a bunch of blog posts I’ve been enjoying lately.

A cute gift guide

An easy way to sew a zipper without a special foot

Making holiday pillows on the cheap

An amaaaaazing ottoman makeover. Seriously. AmaZing!

And here are two recipes that I fixed last night for dinner. I don’t fix meals like this often during the week (not enough time when you get home around 5 and kids are asleep by 6:45-7:00!), but we had a snow day yesterday (and today! Woot!) so I felt like I should do something nice. So here’s an updated chicken cordon bleu – I used salty country ham instead of prosciutto, no basil this time (tho I usually use basil from our garden), and I did huge chicken breasts pounded out. And here’s a yummy scalloped potatoes au gratin. I would cook it longer and without foil on the top at the end so it gets a little crunchy. Yummmmy! And I just steamed a bag of beans for our veggie.

So what’s been keeping you busy these days? The regular hustle bustle of the holidays? I’m about done with shopping (I literally buy everything online!)? Hope you all are well! Got any good blog reads or recipes you want to share?


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