Pie Safe

I’ve wanted this piece of furniture for as long as I can remember being an adult! My mom used it as my dresser when I was a baby and I thought it would be so cool to do the same thing… But she was still using it when both kids were born so I didn’t get to. But since my mom inherited much of my grandmas dining room furniture, she had something to replace this… And I got it!


I had to do a really thorough cleaning with Nana’s other furniture I received, so I figured I would do it with this too. First I dusted, and then I sprayed it with vinegar top to bottom, everywhere.

20131117-143024.jpg I could still see a weird looking finish. I tried taking a picture of it, but I don’t know that it photographed well.

Then I used some wood polish we bought from Bob’s when we bought our sectional last year.



It worked well and gave it a nice smell. 🙂 Here it is in the house!

It still had a little string on the drawer knobs that I remember wrapping on to keep my little brother out when he was a baby. That was baby proofing at it’s finest!

And now let’s talk about those knobs. They’ve gotta go. Here are some I’ve been looking at – all from Etsy!








Which one do you like? They’re all $4.80-$6.00/each before shipping.

Oh and I have to add this in… The door has a magnet closure. Christopher couldn’t open it so he started asking (well, demanding) for keys to open it. Chris gave them to him… And voila.


And here’s a pic of my Nana and Pawpaw on their wedding day. 1954 I believe?



3 thoughts on “Pie Safe

    • Yeah I like the first one but think the second may be too dark with the wood.

      So I think my two favs are the first and last ones!

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