Old Chair part 2

Stain is dry! Only took 8 days… But I think I did two major things wrong: I did it outside while it was cold, and I painted too much on. Oh, a third – too long. You live you learn.

So I sealed it with one thin coat. Boy was that stinky! Chris (my husband) thinks it woke the boy baby (Christopher) up even. Oops! The directions say to do one coat, then said with fine sand paper and do a second coat. I think I’m just going to do the one because I may restain at some point down the road.

Then I started working on the cushion. Yuck.



I feel like I can smell the 1960’s waiting room this chair came from. And I scrubbed my hands. I also think there’s a good chance I could have gotten tetanus or something else. Yikes. But now that the yellow pleather is off, I see the foam and it seems like it’s in pretty decent shape. I need to get some pliers to get the rest of the staples out and stuff. I showed Chris the fabric and he wasn’t a big fan of any of it. But he’s more one of those “ta da” people that just can’t see my vision until the project is complete and I say “ta daaaaaa!”

So he will like it. 🙂 He always likes my projects.

Have you ever made something your significant other didn’t like during the process and then loved once you were done? That’s kinda my thing. He never sees my vision and then likes it once it’s completed. 🙂


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