Projects Roll Call

I have a lot that are currently in progress…
– Old vintage chair (see pics below, I’ll do a whole post on it soon!)
– Family room curtains (made 3, need 4, fabric was special ordered)
– Basement stairs photos (need to order photos)
– Mounting the TV in the master bedroom (need to make sure coax is long enough for where we want the tv to go)
– Molly’s name artwork in her room (I have all letters done except the O!)

And a lot on my to do list…
– Artwork for master bath
– Artwork for master bedroom
– Artwork in half bath
Oh gosh… I’ll stop there… The list is just too long for me to even think about. I need to sit down and devote some time to a serious house-decorating-project-to-do-list!

And I’m about to add a lot more projects!! Next week we are bringing home tons of furniture from my grandmother’s house! An entire bedroom set (dresser, chest of drawers, bedside tables, 4 dining room chairs, and a rocking chair!! I’m so excited to have so much of her house in ours. I already miss her so much, but having these things will mean so much to me. I’m super sentimental about the most ridiculous things, so I am hopeful all this furniture will stay with our family. I’ll take pics and update you all as I get it all situated.

Oh and since my mom also received some furniture, I get my mom’s old pie safe. I’ve been asking for it since I got married in 2007; hopeful that I could use it as a nursery dresser for my hypothetical babies. She always said no since they were still using it… But now I get it! And I’ve been looking at doorknobs to add to the piesafe. It has the doorknobs that Young House Love called “monster eyes”


I’m looking at these on etsy



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